Ice Bubbles




H O W   T O



Make your bubble solution :


Maple Syrup Bubbles

3T Maple Syrup

3T H20

1t Sugar

1 1/2 t Dish Soap






Before you run outside, make sure it’s a very cold day. VERY cold. Preferably single digit temps with little wind. If you have the low temps, then grab a cookie sheet and leave it outside to chill while you bundle up.


Look for higher surface (ie deck railing) to place your cookie sheet. Backlight with sun if possible. Just remember, the sun will heat your bubble even in colder temps, making it more difficult to freeze. Once you find a good spot, get your camera angles down pat before blowing your bubble. It gets messy, so the less you need to adjust the camera the better. If you have tripod for your dslr, use it!


Blow your bubbles! Most will pop, but once you get one to stick, get the camera ready and watch the mesmerizing ice crystals creep across the bubble.


Read Below for more tips and tricks!



Without a doubt you will look ridiculous, bundled up, blowing bubbles in mid-winter, but luckily not many others will be out and about to wonder if you’ve lost your mind. In my case, I was completely alone. Silence… that’s what I heard on a normally busy street as I arranged my ice bubble supplies. Everyone was hunkered down in their homes avoiding the bitter cold… And I was outside blowing bubbles! Without What else would you do in six degree weather?! Certainly not photo sessions. Well, maybe photo sessions with bubbles, but not photo sessions with actual people. Non of my clients wanted to brave the frigid temps this weekend (I don’t blame them!) So, with a free schedule, I bundled up, and headed outside with my baby. No.. not that baby. Fern was tucked up nice and warm in her swing. My Nikon baby accompanied me out into the bitter cold and I should probably add determination to the bubble recipe, because, man… this was a challenge! Frozen, painful extremities Check. Sticky, drippy mess- Check. Bubbles that refuse to cooperate Check. Bubbles have never been so much of an enigma, until I tried to freeze one. Store bought bubbles were too thin and prone to popping. When I finally did manage to freeze one, it was cloudy with nary a crystal in sight. Following an online recommendation, I added sugar to the store bought bubbles. Even worse. The first, second and third homemade bubbles weren’t a success either, but, on what felt like the millionth freezing try, I finally concocted the winning ratio. After that it was smooth sailing… well, except for frozen fingers that no longer moved and wind popping nearly every bubble (you will despise wind by the end of this.)

Good luck! Be sure to check out the tips and tricks below. I can honestly say that this was a life changing experience. Yes. I’m aware that this sounds odd, but my life has changed from bubbles. For the first time ever, I ENJOYED cold weather! This opens up four months of the year that previously I’ve absolutely hated, dreaded, despised etc. The winter temps were actually refreshing and not nearly as terrible as I remember. Although, I can’t give bubbles all the credit for this change of heart- without many, many layers, I would have been a miserable popsicle. If you do attempt ice bubbles, or any other activity in single digit weather, please dress appropriately. I was so engrossed with the first ice bubble attempt, I didn’t realize how cold my toes had gotten until it was almost too late. After thawing my feet in hot water, four more pairs of socks and my fuzzy ear muffs, I went back out to try again and it was a wonderful experience. And who knows, after my winter weather change of heart, I may even go for a chilly power walk this week!








Have some paper towels in your pocket for drips/ wiping down cookie sheet in between bubbles.

Single digit temps or below are best

Don’t let your bubble mixture get too cold, the bubbles will be prone to breaking

Cookie sheets make a good surface, let them very cold before using.

Use a long handled bubble wand. Less mess= cleaner camera.

Iphones and phone cameras will work just fine for this! The video footage was all taken with an older iPhone





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